Friday, April 13, 2012

Six step program in critter-land

Celine the Cat recently informed us about the important step 2 in 
cleaning the home of Heena the Cockatiel. His habitat is a very cool place with lots of room and a clear plastic barrier around the bottom to prevent things like seeds and feathers from flying out. And that keeps mom happy, so it works well all around. The only hitch is that this arrangement does not allow for a sliding tray at the bottom to clean the place. Instead the mom unlatches the main part from the base, moving bird and house to papers on the floor. It's quick and easy. Not a problem. Except that proper respect was not given to Celine's task. To be specific, step one is to put down papers. 
Step 2: check for varmits

The rest is trivial. Step 3 is to put bird and top of cage on the once-again properly placed newspapers.

Step 3: bird in bottomless cage

Steps 4 and 5 simply involve the change from dirty journalism to clean family paper, fit for young birds.

Step 4: icky-poo
Step 5: becomes righty-tidy

And Heena and his house go back to their customary place on the tabletop with the base back on:

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